In 1849 Tees Cottage Pumping Station revolutionised the water supply to Darlington by offering cleaner, piped water to homes and businesses which had previously relied on contaminated ground wells, polluted rivers, and rainwater tubs. In 1851, recognising the health benefits of a clean water supply, the customer base was extended to also supply Stockton, Middlesbrough and Yarm.

Tees Cottage Pumping Station Attractions

Tees Cottage has Lancashire Boilers dating from 1902, a 1904, steam-powered, Beam Engine and a 1914 Gas Engine, all in operation and still pumping water from the River Tees (although no longer supplying the town’s water!).

We also have a Blacksmith’s Shop, where demonstrations are provided, and a Miniature Railway, with rides provided by the Cleveland Association of Model Engineers, for a small additional charge.

Refreshments are available in our Tea Room or you can bring a picnic to enjoy on our grounds.